Quick & Cute DIY Christmas Countdown

Quick & Cute DIY Christmas Countdown

A cute and rustic Christmas countdown for the whole family! Activities and ideas for every day of the holiday season! Countdown to Christmas with this quick and easy DIY chalkboard!

I was inspired awhile back by this adorable Christmas countdown I found on Pinterest. This Christmas countdown included 25 random acts of kindness for the holiday season. You can see more about it on the Between You & Me Blog. 

So on December 3rd… (a couple days behind as usual)… we set out to whip up our own Christmas countdown! I grabbed a large chalkboard, which seem to never be in short supply around our house, and some other supplies around my craft room.

What You’ll Need:

  • Large Chalkboard (Amazon)
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Clothespins (thank you mom for the cute ones you gifted me last year!) 😉
  • Thumbtacks
  • Chalk
  • Small Envelopes (Amazon)
  • Pen, paper and some ideas for the holiday season!

Ren had the best time just playing with the clothespins! He built a train of them… getting stingy with them as I needed to add them to the project of course. Haha!

I didn’t really measure anything, we literally did this project in 20 minutes. I set a timer!

We had a party to go to later that day and if I’m being honest, it took me longer to pack up two kids than to do this Christmas countdown! It’s a quick one!

First I strung the twine in four rows across the board and tacked them into the sides of the frame with thumbtacks.

I had previously written out 24 things I thought would be good activities for the holiday season. Some include baking cookies, watching a Christmas movie, taking the neighbors a gift, and others are as simple as reading a Christmas book to the kiddos or talking about the true meaning of Christmas.

I just wrote them onto little pieces of paper and put them inside the envelopes. Maybe next year I’ll get the good ones typed up, pretty and ready for our Christmas countdown next year! Haha! #wishfulthinking

Ren loved helping with the project and it turned out to be a very kid-friendly activity between the clothespins (motor-skills), numbers (counting), clipping up the envelopes with both hands (coordination), and bossing around baby brother and mommy (LEADERSHIP!) Haha! 😉

By far his favorite part was erasing the numbers and the Merry Christmas script up top! So so ornery!

Everyday we read the note inside (or every other day if I’m being real here)… and sometimes the activity happens and some days it does not. I definitely don’t take it too seriously, it’s just a way to celebrate the season and remind ourselves to stop and enjoy the little activities and the spirit of Christmas!

One of our first activities… baking cookies!

Now that is one activity I could never pass up!

What would be the one activity you would have to include in your Christmas countdown?

Thanks for stopping in! Merry Christmas!



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