Holiday Hot Chocolate Bar: Happy Halloween!

Holiday Hot Chocolate Bar: Happy Halloween!

Hello there! Happy Halloween!

There is a chill in the air, an overcast sky and leaves on the ground! Halloween is here and somehow November has arrived!

Does anyone else swear last weekend was just Labor Day?! Where does the time go?!

I just wanted to pop on quickly today… (baby on my lap so I can’t type very well, haha!)… and share some recent things with you!

This past Friday evening I hosted the 3rd annual Ghoul’s Night Out event at the showroom. The weather turned cold and we had a hot chocolate bar with all the fixins! It was such a good time!

I thought I’d share these photos with you for some coffee bar/hot chocolate bar inspiration with the holidays coming right up!

I gathered lots of fun mix-ins and toppings for the bar. I also purchased some hot chocolate, coffee and cappuccino k-cups to make self-serving simple!

I drew out the menu and listed the toppings. Have fun with this! I was in a hurry on this one and still feel like it turned out pretty festive! Personally, I think little touches like this add to the experience! 🙂

The boys came in while I was setting up to help test the hot chocolate! I have the cutest farm boys! <3

And of course I had to snap an “outfit of the day” pic in the shop! This plaid dress is an ole Rustic Honey staple, belted with my go-to mustard cardigan which so happens to be coming back in stock later this week! Seriously wear mine too often! Haha! I paired it with the AMAZING high-waisted black leggings and my new favorite pair of booties! In LOVE!

For a little fun on Ghoul’s Night I hid these little rascals around the showroom with savings coupons on the back! I never imagined my guests would have such a good time hunting mice! Haha!

Life Lately:

Halloween is here and fall is in full swing around the farmhouse!

Ren is so into Halloween this year, we’ve been watching the Halloween Curious George movie since Oct 1st (which he calls “No Noggin George” – if you have ever seen this,  you get it, but basically it’s about a headless scarecrow!)

We practiced being “spooky” nearly every day! Put blankies over our heads like ghosts, roared like monsters, cackled like witches and decorated every door with spider and pumpkin window clings!

And we finally settled on our Halloween costumes! I spent more hours than I had intended crafting up these little costumes for my boys but I enjoyed every minute (well… maybe not the third time I messed up the sizing on Roric’s pants! haha!)

Roric is our little milk man!

And Ren got to choose what he wanted to be this year. Out of the blue he decided he wanted to be a fire-breathing dragon! He went from ghost to dragon… as you can imagine my costume pattern got a little more elaborate between the two!

We re-used an old box for the head and Ren loved helping me paint it up! I scoured my sewing room for fabric and used just what I had on hand!

Free costumes! Unless you count the time I spent on them! haha!

I’ll try to get some better pictures tonight of the boys so be sure to follow me on Instagram! 😉

I’m feeling festive today in my RH label “Leaves are FALLing” tee! I paired it with some olive skinny jeans and my denim hooded jacket. So comfy and perfect on this chilly day!

That’s all on my random thoughts and photos for now!

Happy Halloween & Welcome November!

Talk soon,