Life Lately: Love & Chaos

Life Lately: Love & Chaos

It’s been a whirlwind of a month and we are only getting started in this busy time of year. I wanted to make some time today to finally post and just document some recent photos and happenings in our little life.

Ren had his first ring bearer gig earlier this month for beautiful bride, and Rustic Honey model, Lauren and her handsome handsome, Ethan. This picture pretty much sums up how he did. Haha! He did make it up the aisle… only to turn around and run back up the aisle!

Oh my! Spunky that one!

It was a beautiful day and a fun celebration!

P.S. I made my boys’ matching vests! It gave me a good excuse to put thread to material and make the time to create something! I love how they turned out and they looked so handsome!

The evening wouldn’t be complete without a dance with the bride.

Or maybe just a spin around the dance floor! Haha!

Even Roric got dressed up for the occasion in his little vest and plaid!

Funny side note: I had to make Roric’s vest twice! The first one I made was about three inches too small in the front!!! Way off! Just proved to me how fast he is growing and how I need to find a way to stop blinking!

On the Rustic Honey front, I’ve been busy gearing up for the fall. I created new RH label t-shirt designs for the season.

I spend a lot of time on these and I love seeing customers so excited for them!

I’ve also been busy taking photos of every little thing for our website, social media, newsletters, etc. Photo… edit… photo… edit… good enough! Haha! It definitely could be a full-time job in and of itself!

New inventory is rolling in almost daily right now so unboxing, tagging and steaming is a usual occurrence in the warehouse as well. I’ve finally been able to get some much needed help with this process. It’s been a true blessing since baby this summer!

And just when I have plenty on my plate I get the crazy idea to try to squeeze more in. You would think I’d finally grow out of that habit with two kids and very little sleep…

I decided to make some wooden signs for our mobile event season to spruce up my booth with some more home decor options. Halfway through I was wondering why I decided to do this “quick” project. NOTHING is every “quick and easy” around here if you can imagine.

I did get them finished BUT I’m so happy to announce that from now on Studio 119 in Nevada will be stocking RH with some of their beautiful and very professional hand-printed wooden signs!

Maybe I am getting wiser in my old age…


The mobile boutique has been out and about a lot this month. We visited Carthage and Lockwood, MO and are headed to Appleton City this weekend and Lee’s Summit next Sunday! All of this between Second Saturdays at the showroom.

Needless to say, I think my family needs me to take a weekend off later this month to regroup and recharge.

It’s been a family affair as usual with my more-than-supportive-and-loving-and-patient-husband! We packed up the whole family for the day in Carthage! Ren started and ended his day right here… but he had a blast while we were there!

Roric has been helping mommy in her office quite a bit. Although he really likes to sit on mom’s lap while she’s trying to type. I’m not the fastest at typing but especially not with one hand! Haha! He’s also not to keen on naptime!

I can count on one hand the times I’ve actually been able to get both boys to take an afternoon nap at the same time! Funny how they have their own plans and just seem to laugh at yours. It’s just God’s daily reminder of my blessings and my need for more patience. 😉

I snapped this photo one evening because it made me laugh. Happy hour here looks a bit like this…

A post-workout drink for mom, Bulk (as Ren still calls it), and a meal for baby. Milk (or bulk) for all!

In between the crazy running, there are precious moments like this. A surprise picnic lunch from my boys and my mom. Don’t know what I would do without all of this support and love! <3

There sure are some special people in my life and in between crazy schedules, to-do lists (and wishful to-do lists), work, events, laundry and everything in between, I can stop at any moment and feel truly blessed and thankful for the chaos and the love.

This weekend will be very special as today Dan and I celebrate five years of marriage and Sunday, Ren turns the big THREE! Here’s to a weekend of much love… and most likely a little chaos!

Wouldn’t have it any other way! <3



  1. Just dropping into wish you two a happy and blessed anniversary. Also wanted to say Happy Birthday, Ren! You have a beautiful family. Have a great weekend.

  2. You’re doing awesome momma! Love the quick catch up and seeing those sweet boys! <3