Quick & Simple DIY Boxwood Wreath

Quick & Simple DIY Boxwood Wreath

A quick and easy DIY boxwood wreath for your home! This project took less than ten minutes! 


As I sit down this Sunday morning to write (blogging ahead of schedule for once), I realize I’m kid-free for a moment! Our kiddo is off with his dad this morning and I’m enjoying some quiet time. Ahh…

In only a few short weeks I won’t be kid-free again for a long time! I’m resting easy now and just trying to take in all the quiet I can before baby #2 gets here. It may be a crazy summer!

It will all work itself out, I’m not too worried. But it is nice to have quiet mornings like this one to regroup and get some things crossed off the list before baby.

Today I wanted to share a super-quick DIY boxwood wreath I made awhile back. It was so simple, it actually took me longer to buy the supplies and finally sit down to complete it than it did to actually assemble the darn thing! So don’t hesitate, it’s perfect for your spring and summer decor!


Quick & Simple DIY Boxwood Wreath

What You’ll Need:

  1. Grapevine Wreath
  2. Faux Boxwood Stems
  3. Floral Wire
  4. Wire Cutters/Old Scissors

Where to buy: I bought my wreath and boxwood stems at Hobby Lobby. I always buy when they have their 50% off sales and SAVE A TON! This wreath was very inexpensive to make with those sales!

How To Make A Boxwood Wreath:

Cut the boxwood stems apart into smaller sections and simply arrange them around the wreath in one direction. Don’t cut too many small stems if you can help it because it will leave you with a lot to secure later. I layered maybe 6-8 sections total.

Take a thin floral wire and wrap it around the stems to adhere it to the wreath. You can weave it in and out of the grapevine wreath and over the stems until everything is secured around the entire wreath.

Add one loop of wire to the backside of the grapevine wreath when you are done for hanging.

Such a simple and quick project… you can even do it with your kids and not mess it up! Haha! 😉

Hope you’ll give it try! Be sure to share your project with me on Facebook! Would love to see it!

Thanks as always for stopping by!