Life Lately: Back On Track

Life Lately: Back On Track

I’m writing this as I sit at my son’s kitchen play set watching Curious George. This tiny chair sits about eight inches off the floor, and let me tell you, it’s getting harder and harder for this pregnant mama to get back up! But he asked me to sit with him this morning and have our snack together.

How could I refuse that?!

I have lots of work to get to and plenty of play-kitchen to play but I wanted to quickly share a post with you this morning! I have some new posts up my sleeve but last week our little family came down with the flu bug and everything was put on hold.

Just when I thought we were going to get lucky this winter…it found us all!

Last Wednesday started off so well! I had my glucose test and an ultrasound. (About 28.5 weeks here)

Everything went great! Then I came home to a very sick toddler and it was all down-hill from there for a few days!

By the weekend, we could pull ourselves back out of bed and get my trailer to the Nevada home show I had signed up for! The timing just worked out somehow!

We were all pretty tired and I feel like looking at these pics, maybe still a little pale (more than my usual shade anyway, haha)!

So glad my boys came with me for this one! <3

Ren was feeling spunky enough to ramp his fly bike up and down my trailer! Had to entertain him somehow! 😉

It was a beautiful day and a great way to meet our new Nevada customers! If you live locally and missed us at the home show, be sure to check us out at Studio 119 on the Nevada square! 😉

Studio 119 had an adorable booth at the show and I could get lost for hours in their new Magnolia homes wallpaper book! I may have to plan a new wallpaper accent wall in my home soon!

They also host fun paint parties so be sure to check them out soon! Worth a drive!

I feel like this week has simply been damage control! Following up with people, tons of emails, shipping, working on new deliveries, getting all of the wheels turning again, running errands and of course catching up at home too… anything and everything that was put on hold last week!

I thank God we are so close to family and have such supportive people in our lives! From running errands to bringing medicine, to helping with my business, we have so much to be thankful for! <3

And spring finally made it! Loving this weather… yes, even the rain!

To round out a week somewhat back-on-track, Ren and I made a batch of my grandma’s cookies. They were like icing on the cake, a cherry on top… a rainbow after a storm!

We are back and feeling well! Life is good!

Have a great weekend! Happy Friday!



  1. Charity Ogle says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Lauren!! ❤️

  2. Terri Millam says:

    Hey! Nice read and congratulations on your pregnancy! Are you due in May? Do you know what you’re having? So exciting! I’m so happy for you both and the extended family. Glad your all feeling better too. Blessings and have a happy delivery. Post some pics on here or FB so I can see this precious babe. Love to all…….

    • laurenrustichoney says:

      Thanks Terri! We are due June 9th (but for some reason I’m feeling like this one might come earlier… we’ll see!) Will definitely have pics up at some point! We don’t know what we are having. We are “surprise people” I guess! Won’t be too much longer! 😉