Fast From Complaints

Fast From Complaints

Happy March!

Lent began yesterday and I decided this year I would give up complaining as one of my “sacrifices.”

No, I don’t consider myself a “complainer” and honestly most of the time I’m that annoying optimistic type. Glass = half-full! 🙂

I just felt like it would be a good way to really listen to my thoughts and help myself to always see things in a greater light, in a bigger picture… and to be more grateful. To find blessings amongst little frustrations, loss of patience, annoyances, and simply just those days.

So DAY 1 of Lent came and went yesterday and well… I feel like I totally and completely failed! Haha!

It was one of those days.  

And to end the day, I spent two hours in the clinic waiting for my OB appointment (which actually only took about 10 minutes!) I was just so ready to get out of there! Then there were slow and annoying drivers on the drive home which frustrated me even further… I had only slept about four hours the night before…you get the idea.

I laugh as I write this because with a fresh mindset (and a little more sleep) those little daily frustrations are NOTHING! And absolutely NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT!

In the greater light and bigger picture, I’m beyond blessed to be having a baby, to be in the care of a professional doctor, to have the flexibility to sit in a waiting room for two hours and to be healthy enough to only require a ten minute checkup with my doctor!

Please don’t judge me (even though when you look at it like that, I sound like a total brat!) Listen to your daily thoughts and you might just find that you complain more often than you would think!

I’m thinking this Lent will be an eye-opener for me and a wonderful exercise to practice patience and gratitude daily! 


Combat your negative thoughts and daily complaints with me whether or not you observe Lent.

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  1. Love this! This was our church sermon a few weeks ago and really hit home, don’t even think negatively. It’s a struggle but makes you think!

    • laurenrustichoney says:

      Thanks Megan! It definitely made me more aware of my own thoughts! I know there’s no way to completely turn it off, we aren’t perfect… but being aware of it and maybe even how silly I sound will make me actively work to improve! 🙂