Farmhouse Christmas Home Tour

Farmhouse Christmas Home Tour

Hi friends! Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve!

The weather is actually warming up here but it’s feeling more like Christmas every day! Only a few days left!

I’m finally starting to feel a sense of relief from the crazy hustle and bustle! Now it’s time to settle in, watch some Christmas movies, do some candy making, drink some hot cocoa and enjoy all the great company of family and friends!

I just love this time of year!


The house is full of Christmas cheer and every year another room in my home gets a sprinkling of Christmas spirit. Soon enough I’ll become my mother! (Mom, I don’t mean that in a bad way!) 😉

farmhouse-christmas-tour-30-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-29-of-37

There is something about Christmas that turns a house into a home this time of year. The warm glow of the tree, the keepsake ornaments of Christmas’ past, and the heart-warming reminder of the nativity scene. Our hearts of full of love, joy and compassion.

farmhouse-christmas-tour-16-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-17-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-18-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-19-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-20-of-37

farmhouse-christmas-tour-32-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-33-of-37

And we can’t forget the excitement of Christmas for all children. Such a special time.


farmhouse-christmas-tour-26-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-31-of-37

This year I added some decor to my kitchen and dining room as well! (I apologize for the photos, it was very dark out when I took these and they are pretty grainy)

farmhouse-christmas-tour-22-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-23-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-2-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-5-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-3-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-4-of-37

farmhouse-christmas-tour-14-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-1-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-6-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-7-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-8-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-9-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-11-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-12-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-10-of-37 farmhouse-christmas-tour-13-of-37

If you follow my boutique at all you have already seen my ladder tree! Well it ended up on our back porch! I love how it turned out and it was so easy!


Let there be peace on earth…

I love when this sign is lit up at night! So serene!


Now on to finish up a few last minute Christmas cards…


I wish I had enough time (and money) to send you all well wishes for the holiday. Luckily there is the magical thing called the internet!





  1. Love love love it all!!! Have a Merry Christmas!