Be Thankful For The Chores

Be Thankful For The Chores

I walked down our dark driveway last night after dinner to retrieve mail from our overflowing mailbox. I’m sure our mailman was about to cuss me. I don’t even know how he was still managing to add anything to it! It was definitely a testament to how busy this past week was and how neglected the daily routine has been for some time now. (Including blogging! Yes, I’m still here!)

As I turned back toward our house, both arms wrangling the mass of papers and boxes, I caught the glow from our kitchen windows and a sense of calm came over me. We are so truly blessed.

I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off to grocery shop, prep food for Thanksgiving, do last-minute marketing for my business, ship packages, follow up with customers, all while trying to reclaim the once clean(-ish) home I had earlier this week! Blessed and thankful for it all!

I finally step into the back door thinking I finally got it all done! The list is crossed off! I can relax now.

Wait, I forgot about the laundry sitting in the washer! That little green button stalking me. I toss it into the dryer and quit. QUIT!

There are still mounds of laundry to be done but we are never truly DONE. We have dirty clothes because I have a hard working husband and an adventurous little boy who isn’t afraid to get dirty. We have more clothing than we truly need so laundry can wait. For this I’m thankful.

All of these little chores a sure reminder of all that we have.

The floors need to be swept, the sheets washed, the windows cleaned but it can all wait because we have a roof over our heads, beds to sleep in, a warm home and above all we have each other. There is always something to be thankful for… even the smallest of things.

Be thankful today and always!

Happy Thanksgiving!