Rustic Honey Boutique News

Rustic Honey Boutique News

Anniversary Week

This week Rustic Honey Boutique is celebrating three years in business! I can’t believe how time has flown! I’ve been reflecting on how far RH has come since 2013 and it definitely puts things into perspective and makes me appreciate each and every one of my customers and readers. There would be no boutique without you! So thank you!


I’ve put in some serious hours in three years but can honestly say I’ve learned so much from my experience as a small business owner! I’ve grown personally in the last three years and am excited and ambitious about the next chapter.

I started Rustic Honey is the upstairs of our little farmhouse. I had one clothing rack and prepped my packages on the floor (I guess I couldn’t find room for another table, haha!). My husband and I eventually renovated a building next to our home for my showroom where I ship from today (it has a table and everything, haha!) and I hold monthly special events and private parties for local shoppers. We now also have a location in Nevada, MO inside Studio 119 on the square!


Business continues to build, more and more packages are being shipped out, and late nights get really late from time to time. I still find myself brainstorming at 2 am after my toddler wakes me up! Rustic Honey has truly become a part of who I am… there is no turning it off. While there is good and bad to that, I always work to remember what’s most important. My family is my “why” and they come first.


Last night I took a quick walk while the boys were off doing chores. It made me think of the times I would take a mid-day walk when I first started Rustic Honey. I would walk down this same dirt road. I’ve walked  this road to decompress, step away, feel the fresh air, and hear nothing but the sound of leaves crunching underneath me. No cell phone, no orders, no emails, just a quiet prayer of gratitude. And that was my way of celebrating the past three years.


There will be many more walks in my future and plenty of prayer and I am so excited to see what year-four will unfold for Rustic Honey Boutique.


Speaking of new things unfolding at the boutique… I have a little secret to share with you! Rustic Honey is now going MOBILE!


That’s right you can now shop your favorite boutique on wheels!!!


I bought a trailer and my loving husband has been working to get it up and running for some shows this fall. We will be setup this Sunday in Lee’s Summit, MO at the Beers & Boutiques event. It will be our first outing with the trailer so I’m crossing my fingers everything goes smoothly.

Stay-tuned for pictures of the event and I’ll have to do a post on all of the renovations we made inside the trailer! Can’t wait to show you!



The wall quotes “pantry” giveaway winner is… KARA S.

Thank you all so much for following the Rustic Honey Blog and Boutique! I can’t thank you enough for your support!