Things I’m Loving Friday #2

Things I’m Loving Friday #2

Happy Friday! 

Life Lately: Fall Weddings With Handsome Guys

Last weekend we attended our first wedding of the fall season! I just love fall weddings and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for our friends’ big day! Pumpkins, lights, leaves, love, drinks and dancing… it just doesn’t get much better than that!

Or maybe it does if you are lucky enough to have two handsome dates like I did!


Ren enjoyed his first wedding! He loved the yard games and definitely all of the dancing! He’s got the music in him! Haha!

I was diggin’ on his outfit. Love getting him all dressed up! So sweet! 😉


The night wouldn’t have been complete without my love swinging me around the dance floor! I could go for a repeat this weekend!


St. Mary’s School & Fried Chicken

Okay so that title may sound a bit funny but if you live near here you’ve probably heard all about the Labor Day Chicken Dinner at Immaculate Conception Church/St. Mary’s School in Montrose. It’s an annual fundraiser that I’m pretty sure is older than I am! 

I grew up here, on this playground, in this church, learning in these small classrooms. If only these walls could talk! 

things-im-loving-friday-post-2-8-of-12 things-im-loving-friday-post-2-6-of-12

I took a quick peek inside the school Monday morning before my waitressing shift at the chicken dinner (I’ve worked at every chicken dinner since grade-school… even at nine-months pregnant I waited tables on Labor Day! 🙂 ).

It brings back so many good memories and I’m so proud of this school! I could go on and on and tell you all about St. Mary’s but that may need to be another post.

things-im-loving-friday-post-2-7-of-12 things-im-loving-friday-post-2-9-of-12

What stuck out to me this week was the artwork hanging in the hallway on display. The Ten Commandments shown proudly on the wall. Colorful, alive and a reminder of how much good and right there still is in this world!

This brightened my day! The world could use a bit more of this! 🙂


Recipe: Spicy Crackers

Supposedly “Beer Lover’s Day” was sometime this week… who comes up with this stuff? I swear they just decide on that day and put it on Facebook or something! Anywho… I was reminded on that day how much I have been craving these crackers!

AND there is no better snack to go with your favorite brew than these puppies! Try them… try them now! Or like Wednesday on what was “Beer Lover’s Day.” Haha! 😉



Listening: Miranda Lambert – Vice 

This song is just stuck in my head. Such a good tune though! Have a listen here. 


Style: Rustic Honey – Raised Up Down Home Tee

This tee has been on repeat at least once a week… I work from home, don’t judge. 😉

Seriously though, it is soooo soft and comfy! And I might be a little proud of the design! If you love it too, check out my t-shirt line here. 



Welp, there’s another week of my random thoughts and favorites!

What are you loving this week?



  1. Ur dress is so pretty!

    • laurenrustichoney says:

      Thanks Jess! Wish I could say I got it at Rustic Honey Boutique but I actually borrowed this one from my sister! 😉 I LOVE the color! Thanks for stopping by the blog! 🙂