Things I’m Loving Friday #1

Things I’m Loving Friday #1

I’ve been considering adding the “Things I’m Loving Friday” series on the blog for awhile now and since life had been NUTS lately and I have no other posts ready today, that is exactly what I’m going to do! Haha!

I hope you enjoy this random roundup of things I’m loving right now!


The Summer Olympics on TV!

Has anyone else been watching?! Seems like we ended up watching almost every night! I watched so much running I took off running the other day and almost pulled a hammy! I guess I watched so long I thought I could run like Mr. Bolt as well! Close… close…


Skinny Girl Shakes

I’ve been trying to get back into eating better this week and have been drinking my favorite protein drinks again. These Skinny Girl Protein Shakes are only 80 calories a bottle! Perfect post-workout or for a quick breakfast! I’m almost afraid to share these with you because our Wal-Mart never has many in stock… so DON’T TAKE MINE Y’ALL! 😉

I’m also loving lemon essential oil in my water in the mornings! Great way to start the day!


Bad Mom’s Night Out

Enough of the healthy talk. How about some margaritas?! Balance… it’s a B-word.

I recently had a mom’s night out with my two best friends (we’ve been buds since Kindergarten)! We enjoyed some relaxing pedicures, mexican and the new movie “Bad Moms” at the theatre! That’s right… we actually did ALL of that, in one night! Much deserved “bad moms” night out! I want a repeat!


Cooler Air & FALL

Okay, so it’s hit and miss but fall is getting so close I can almost taste it! The air has been cooler on the weekends here which has been so relaxing! Love the change!

Morning four-wheeler rides to check cows are almost chilly!


Fall pins I’m loving:

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(Savvy Southern Style)

Pioneer Woman No-Bake Peanut Butter Bars

I shared a link to these in my last post but had to share here. These bars were delicious and I’m not even a huge peanut butter dessert fan! My family LOVED them! Check out the simple recipe here.




What are you loving this week? Let me know in the comments! 

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