3 Reasons We Should All Play Dress-up

3 Reasons We Should All Play Dress-up

I spent countless hours as a child tearing through old boxes of hand-me-downs, exploring the various fabrics in my grandmother’s scrap drawer and even begging my older cousins to let me try on their dance costumes just one more time!

Playing dress-up as a child isn’t just a fun past-time for a rainy day. There are several things we can all learn from this childhood activity. You’re never to old to join in on the fun!

3 Reasons We Should All Play Dress-up


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1. Form of Expression: Possibly the most important reason to play dress-up is to encourage self-expression. We are all different beings with different ideas and it’s important to acknowledge that with our children and often ourselves. Playing dress up is an art-form in many ways and allows us to be ourselves and no one else. Finding your fashion is merely self-expression. 

2. It Builds Confidence: Even as adults it’s important for us to feel comfortable in our own unique style. When we find that perfect look or outfit, we feel confident – ready to step out and present our best-self to the world. To your toddler this may mean a batman cape, to you a pair of red high heels, and to your husband his favorite pair of boots. Encouraging unique expression will build confidence for everyone!

3. It Boosts Creativity: Back to that batman cape… don’t have one lying around? MAKE ONE! Growing up I created so many designs while playing dress up with my grandmother’s fabric scraps. Sure, it wasn’t Pinterest-worthy but it didn’t matter! I was stretching my creative legs and using the available resources. There was no running to Hobby Lobby for supplies, we were simply creative with what we could find around the house! For a fun game with the kids, see who can come up with the most clever ensemble using various items around the house. Should be interesting!


So the next time you find yourself stuck inside on a rainy day, play dress up with your children! And moms, you too should be rummaging through your closets, building new outfits and renewing confidence, expression and creativity in your wardrobe!

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