DIY Salad Bar Ingredient List – FREE PRINTABLE!

DIY Salad Bar Ingredient List – FREE PRINTABLE!

Spring is right around the corner and the nicer weather has me in the mood for salads! An at-home, DIY Salad Bar is just what I need… if only someone could do the prepping for me!

I love to gather a list of fresh ingredients, prep them all at once and keep them in individual containers in the fridge. It’s my very own DIY Salad Bar! During the week I can mix-and-match the perfect salad for lunch and pack it ahead of time if need be.

saladbaringredientlistThere is a place in New York called Cafe Metro where they have my idea of the ultimate salad bar! I used to have lunch there from time to time when traveling for work. You basically choose all of your ingredients and they toss it into a huge bowl and chop it all up for you if you like. I love the endless selection of ingredients and dressings… no prepping required of course! The salad combinations would be endless! 🙂

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For this salad I grabbed some of my favorite ingredients and a few I had on hand.

Tomatoes, chick peas, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, artichoke hearts, avocado, peperoncini… and of course cheese! Although I completely forgot to pick up fresh mozzarella balls for this salad! Those are one of my favs!

DIY salad bar DIY salad bar DIY salad bar DIY salad bar DIY salad bar DIY salad bar

Toss on a light vinaigrette.

DIY-Salad-Bar (10 of 13) DIY-Salad-Bar (11 of 13)

And dig in! 

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Love these lil guys! 

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Here is my FREE PRINTABLE list for ultimate salad combinations! Simply print it out and mark all of your favorite ingredient combinations, do some shopping, prepping and ENJOYING! 

DIY Salad Bar Ingredient List


FREE PRINTABLE! CLICK HERE >>> DIY-Salad-Bar-Ingredient-List


What is your must-have salad ingredient?

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  1. Love this! I sometimes get into a cobb salad rut and although I never seem to get tired of it, it is refreshing to try something new. Like so many of your other recipes, I use them as a springboard. Your wrap series is a great example of that.

    • laurenrustichoney says:

      Thank you Joy! I’m glad my recipes are motivating to change things up a bit! I get stuck in a rut with salads too but I’m looking forward to using this printable for more inspiration! I would love to master a good asian-inspired salad this summer! YUM! Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to comment! 🙂