28 Cheap Date Night Ideas For Country Folk

28 Cheap Date Night Ideas For Country Folk

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so I wanted to share a list of date night ideas you can do on the cheap! We don’t exactly live near “the city” and with a little one at home now, we don’t get out as much as we used to. So I’m always looking for cheap or even at-home date night ideas we can do in our neck of the woods.

I’ve compiled a list of 28 Cheap Date Night Ideas for y’all to try! I’m calling it a round-up for “country folk” because most of it involves either dates at home, with cows, fire, sweet tea or hunting. I don’t know if that’s pure country but it’s definitely not city dates! 😉


28 Cheap Date Night Ideas For Country Folk

  1. Check cows together (or go ridin’ around together)
  2. Mix each other a drink – maybe try a new recipe
  3. Play a game or start a puzzle together (maybe with your mixed drink) 😉 
  4. Cook a nice candlelit steak dinner at home
  5. Break out the dusty basketball and play a game or two of P-I-G 
  6. Have a movie marathon (borrow movies from friends, watch youtube or rent $.50/$1 DVD’s)
  7. Go for a walk down an old back road
  8. Attend a local community event together – fundraisers, sporting events, school plays, etc. 
  9. Camp out in the backyard
  10. Go for an evening swim in the pond and enjoy a picnic dinner
  11. Host a couple’s backyard BBQ and game night
  12. Break out your old video games
  13. Build or DIY something together for your home
  14. Go mushroom hunting! Or hiking basically…
  15. Build a bonfire and make s’mores! 
  16. Go fishing
  17. Have a tailgate candlelight dinner and do some star gazing
  18. Browse your local flea market 
  19. Go hunting together 
  20. Take a day trip someplace new
  21. Make homemade ice cream 
  22. Horseback riding
  23. Homemade pizza night and a throwback western movie
  24. Watch the sunset and drink sweet tea
  25. Go out for dessert only – ice cream and pie is calling!
  26. Attend a free concert 
  27. Go to the rodeo
  28. Build a fort in the living room and go through old photos

I’m sure if I stayed at it I could come up with more random “country” dates but I’ll leave it at that. I hope you “country folk” enjoy this list of ideas and please feel free to add to more ideas below in the comments!

The more random, the better! 😉

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  1. This is great! Today in the grocery store I saw an apothecary jar of 52 cutely printed Date Night ideas — 52 of them. For $12.99!
    El cheapo that I am, I wondered if I had time to do that on my own… Your post helped with ideas!
    Although I might not get 52…. Even twelve would be good 🙂

    • laurenrustichoney says:

      Sounds like a cute idea, but like you, I’d DIY on that one! 😀 Glad to help with some ideas! Thanks for stopping by!