Best of 2015: A Year In Review

Best of 2015: A Year In Review

So I’m a few days (almost weeks) behind getting to this post. As excited as I get for the new year, planning all of my goals, I also love looking back at the past year. What we did, what we accomplished, and all of the sweet memories we made. 

Here are a few key snapshots from 2015 that help to summarize the year:

(Fall/Winter 2014) – Dan working on our home exterior

The farmhouse was finished for 2015. Well it’s as finished as any home can be. I still have lots of decorating to do but I’ll never be finished making this house our home. This year was our first year in our newly renovated home. (Read the last post about our home renovations here.)


Dan continued to spend countless hours on smaller projects throughout the early spring months like our master bedroom closet. We had plenty of snow days for this kind of work. You’ll notice he’s working while I sipped coffee and watched Ren sleep. (I do help, promise!)

snowday IMG_9461

We faced the wicked winter weather that spring to drive to Columbia, MO almost every Sunday to watch my little sister play for the Mizzou Tigers! She accomplished so much in her sports career and you can read a little about it here. And some more here. 😉


We were so excited to be a part of numerous friends’ weddings this year as well! Ren was especially excited to get all dressed up for the occasions!

IMG_1795 IMG_2667

And we can’t forget how our Royal’s took the crown this fall! I still can’t believe it! What an awesome journey! I went into labor during the wild card game in 2014 so capturing the title in 2015 was even more special as Ren was turning one!

IMG_1425 Renzy turned ONE in October! How can this be?! We had a small family celebration with a Cowboy Campout theme! You can see that post here.

first-birthday-party (8 of 33)
This year we even managed to take a little vacation! We traveled with some friends to Nashville. We always have a good time there! Here are some of the trip highlights and recommendations if you plan to visit anytime soon!

nashville-vacation (14 of 14)

Halloween was oh-so-fun with Ren dressed as Alfalfa from The Little Rascals. He fit the part well!

alfalfahalloweenDan and I did a few updates to the Rustic Honey showroom. I am LOVING it! I have had way more merchandise on hand and the new layout is much better! (More about the showroom here.)

IMG_3382The boutique also hit the road many times this year, setting up in several local communities near our home. If you live near Lowry City, MO I hope you had a chance to stop by one of the pop-up shops!

This particular image is from our booth at Strope Studios in Appleton City (Dec. 5th). Amber always has a great holiday boutique set-up for Christmas in the Country!


And then there’s this.

Christmas in our cozy country home. I couldn’t imagine anywhere I’d rather be.

We gathered, we ate (too much), we toasted, we opened (too many gifts), we loved and we celebrated! 


Now, a new year is upon us. A fresh start. A blank slate for another amazing year of memories!

Here is a pic I snapped of our home after the Christmas decorations came down. I always have a sense of emptiness and sadness when I have to take it all down but the finished product is a clean home, ready for the fresh start of the new year! It makes me smile.


What were your top memories from 2015? Please comment below! 🙂 

Happy 2016!



Wait, there’s more!

I took the opportunity to look back at 2014 too! I couldn’t resist Ren’s newborn pics!

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Now I’m finished…for now! 😉