Fall Sunset On The Farm

Fall Sunset On The Farm

I’m not much for running.

I see so many of my friends doing these “fun-runs” and half-marathons on my Facebook feed.

First I wonder why anyone would put “fun” and “run” in the same phrase.

Secondly, I wonder how people have made a business out of inviting other people to run their courses… because it is fun after all? 😉

Don’t get me wrong, I do run on occasion but have never really found it to be fun. However, the other night I became a sprinter!

sunset-rainbow-after-rain-fall-leaves (1 of 12)

We had an evening storm roll through right before sunset. Once the skies cleared, the sun came out right before sunset and it illuminated the tops of the trees with a stunning golden light. It was absolutely breathtaking and pictures will never do it justice.

sunset-rainbow-after-rain-fall-leaves (2 of 12)

I grabbed my camera and sprinted out the door!

sunset-rainbow-after-rain-fall-leaves (4 of 12)

I hurriedly took photos, ran up the hill behind our home, continuing to snap away. Then once atop the hill, I realized it was beginning to rain again. So I sprinted back down the hill… all in cowboy boots I might add.

sunset-rainbow-after-rain-fall-leaves (5 of 12)sunset-rainbow-after-rain-fall-leaves (7 of 12)sunset-rainbow-after-rain-fall-leaves (8 of 12)

I’m sure it was a pretty sight as Dan and Ren were watching all of my craziness approach them at our shed. Boots clomping, arms flailing, damp hair… maybe not my best moment.

But they are these angels that love me for my craziness…

sunset-rainbow-after-rain-fall-leaves (9 of 12)

sunset-rainbow-after-rain-fall-leaves (10 of 12)And I love them and this beautiful spot we call home!
sunset-rainbow-after-rain-fall-leaves (12 of 12)

I guess the point of my story is that I too have found my passion for running… as long as there is golden light and a camera in my hands I can call it a “fun-run.”

What motivates you to run? Do you honestly, seriously, find it fun?



  1. Those pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS! I would love to live somewhere with a view like that! It might even inspire me to run a little bit 🙂

  2. Once upon a time we did run every morning in the mini gym at Stephens. Also, so random that you and my friend Regan know each other. I sent her a link to one of your tops in the shop and she said she was actually texting you. Small world!

    • laurenrustichoney says:

      Oh how I miss the mini gym at Stephens… I did way more running back then! Haha! And yes I still think the same thing – IT IS A SMALL WORLD! I like it that way! 🙂