Burlap Canvas Print DIY

Burlap Canvas Print DIY

This DIY burlap canvas print is created using freezer paper! Easily transfer any image or graphic onto your fabric! Create a canvas and enjoy new artwork!

This electrical box is at the center of our home. It was originally right inside our backdoor in the “mudroom/sunroom/diningroom” or whatever you would to call the old porch of our home that had become the hub of everyday traffic throughout the old house. When we did all of our renovations last summer it was left in the same location (which made the most sense for the existing electrical) but now is an eye-sore in our dining room.

burlap-canvas-DIY-graphic-print (16 of 17)

I knew all along I wanted to create some kind of canvas art to cover it. I wanted something light-weight, easy to move and of course something cute! 

burlap-canvas-DIY-graphic-print (17 of 17)My husband used to come to this house when he was younger to help Lesta, the former owner, in her garden. He still remembers her greeting him at the back door saying “It’s a glorious day, Daniel!”

That story has always stuck with me and makes me smile when I think about the all glorious days this home has seen since 1903! I thought it would be fitting to take this quote and place it on the wall right next to where she would greet him at that back door.

For this canvas print I chose to use some burlap fabric I ordered from burlapfabric.com. I LOVE the selection on their site! Have you shopped there before? It may just get me in trouble though! I already have fabric ready to go for thanksgiving and christmas projects! 😉

burlap-canvas-DIY-graphic-print (1 of 17)I had my handy-man put together a few small boards for me to hold the burlap. Nothing fancy here… no mitered corners or trim nails… just quick cuts and a couple screws. The frame will be completely covered!

Burlap Canvas Print DIY:

  1. Measure – I laid the frame onto the fabric leaving an edge wide enough to wrap the frame later.
  2. Graphics – Then I created my graphic on my computer. I typed out the words, chose fonts and flipped the image so it would print the mirrored version. I had to do this on two separate sheets of paper since the word “glorious” was so big.
  3. Printing Freezer Paper – I cut some freezer paper into an 8.5 x 11” sheet and inserted into the rear-feed slot of my printer (shiny-side-up in my printer). Then I printed the sheets one at a time.
  4. Transfer – After the first sheet was done, I immediately took it to my burlap and placed it very carefully print-side-down onto the surface. Then I took a hot iron and pressed the freezer paper onto the fabric applying pressure and forcing the ink onto the fabric.
  5. Peel – Allow the paper to cool for a few seconds and then peel it off. It should leave a faded version of your graphic onto the burlap. I would love to do some faded printed pillows like this soon but for this project I will add more contrast.
  6. Stretch the canvas – Once you have ironed on your graphic, place the burlap on top of your frame and stretch the edge around to the back. Use a staple gun to attach the fabric. Fold the corners just as you would wrap a present! 🙂
  7. Paint – I used the outline of the letters as my guide to paint more black into the graphic. I also used a pizza pan for this project to measure a circle around the graphic and add my own artistic touch. Of course if you don’t want to free-hand, you could print and transfer a garland too!
  8. Hang and enjoy! – I’m already enjoying this new burlap canvas print and so excited I don’t have to look at our ugly electrical box anymore!

burlap-canvas-DIY-graphic-print (3 of 17) burlap-canvas-DIY-graphic-print (5 of 17) burlap-canvas-DIY-graphic-print (6 of 17) burlap-canvas-DIY-graphic-print (7 of 17) burlap-canvas-DIY-graphic-print (8 of 17) burlap-canvas-DIY-graphic-print (12 of 17) burlap-canvas-DIY-graphic-print (9 of 17) burlap-canvas-DIY-graphic-print (10 of 17) burlap-canvas-DIY-graphic-print (11 of 17) burlap-canvas-DIY-graphic-print (14 of 17) burlap-canvas-DIY-graphic-print (13 of 17)Don’t mind all of the random object on my floors. My toddler is getting really good at pulling things out of every drawer possible! 🙂 burlap-canvas-DIY-graphic-print (15 of 17)Another project FINALLY off of my to-do list! (Patting myself on the back!) 😉

I’m so excited about this burlap canvas print! I think I will be making some mini versions to sell in my shop this winter!

Where would you hang one of these canvases and what would it say?

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  1. Love this great idea! I have the same ugly panel that is visible to anyone coming in my back door. Now if I can just decide what I want it to say…that will take longer than the actual project lol!

    • laurenrustichoney says:

      Haha! I’m the same way! Luckily I had had this quote in my brain for some time! Let me know how it turns out! 🙂

  2. I know I’m late, but this is a “Holy Moly, I’m going to do this” idea. You should see our electric panel. It is a giant ugly eyesore in the mudroom as soon as you walk in the house. We’ve been kind of stuck with what to do with it… I love this. You are so good. And a burlap link as well. 🙂
    I’ve been wanting to make a lampshade for a coffee grinder lamp… Bookmarking this one. Thanks!

    • laurenrustichoney says:

      So glad I could help! Can’t wait to see what you make! I hope you also share pics of the lampshade project! Sounds like a cool lamp! Thanks for stopping in! 🙂