2-Year Boutique Anniversary: GIVEAWAY!!!

2-Year Boutique Anniversary: GIVEAWAY!!!

I remember losing a lot of sleep when I first started putting together my website for the Rustic Honey Boutique. I took a reasonable chunk out of my savings account and threw it all into launching a new business. Not a huge financial risk for some but for me it seemed enormous. I would have nightmares about the launch. I was terrified I wouldn’t find any customers and that it would just sink before it ever took off.

If you’ve been reading the blog for very long, you may remember my launch post. See it here. 



Two years later, I still lose sleep at night. Only this time for different reasons. It’s more likely now that I’m losing sleep over my to-do list, website ideas, blog projects… or maybe a 12-month-old that still thinks he’s still a newborn from time-to-time. When I think about it, I lose sleep now for all the right reasons. Sure, it’s still stress but right now it seems like the kind of stress I want in my life. Good stress, if there is such a thing.

dayofchristmas package

I can’t thank you all enough for reading this blog, sharing my passions, visiting with me about projects, shopping my boutique, visiting my shows and generating even more excitement about the future of Rustic Honey.


I’m incredibly thankful for you! <3

I hope you’ll stick around with me and see what we can do in year 3!


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  1. I can’t wait to see what year #3 brings! Exciting time!