Ren’s First Birthday

Ren’s First Birthday

Last night it occurred to me that we were doing about the same thing a year ago as we settled in on the couch to watch a Royal’s game. Another win but nothing like the five hour wild card game last year! Dan and I were watching from my parent’s house last summer (because of our home renovations) and I was counting contractions the entire game. I was not only thankful for a big win but thankful to have something so exciting to keep my mind off of the pain and anxiety I was feeling!

Here we are a year later, on our own couch snuggling with our little boy. Yes, somehow that baby has turned into a little boy! He’s still as restless as ever as I try to get him ready for bed. What a blessing this past year has been!

Today is Ren’s first birthday. He was born the afternoon after that wild card game at 3:16 pm. 


It’s funny to look back on pictures of his birthday, because I now know that little guy much better but at that moment we were only meeting for the first time. I wish I could go back and reassure myself and Dan that we would figure everything out. I can see some fear in our pictures…”what now?!” (insert emoji with big eyes). 

Ren 1 month:

IMG_3513 - Version 2Ren 11 months:
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Sometimes I wonder what we did with our time before Ren. Seems like he is all the entertainment we need these days. We might as well cancel our cable… maybe after baseball season that is!  😉

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Ren At ONE:

  • Walking
  • Five Teeth
  • Gives Kisses & Hugs (pretty wet kisses haha!)
  • Giggles & Jabbers Non-Stop!
  • Camera Ham
  • Climber
  • Great Eater
  • Loves His Rocking Horse
  • Loves Tractors
  • Total BOY!
  • When he grows up he wants to be just like Daddy!

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What a year it has been!

Happy Birthday Renzy!

-Lauren (Mama)


  1. Happy Birthday Ren. Ok grandma’s on tears. Love ya