Recycled Toy Crafts For Toddlers

Recycled Toy Crafts For Toddlers

So much about these recent mornings in the farmhouse have been bringing back childhood memories of summertime at my grandma’s house. The mornings are cool and quiet with the windows open to a crisp morning breeze as the birds sing and fresh coffee brews in the kitchen. Our airy house just takes me back.

At grandma’s house, playtime rarely consisted of video games or watching TV. We spent countless hours outside riding bikes, playing hide-and-seek, and just about any sport you can imagine! When we were playing inside, we were always using our imaginations and creativity.

I remember my cousin and I building paper chains for hours to “decorate” my grandma’s work room. We didn’t need fancy craft supplies, just the basics and maybe some homemade glue from flour and water! And most of my sewing projects or doll outfits were made from grandma’s fabric scraps.

Grandma’s house taught me to embrace recycling, reusing and the forced creativity that comes with using what you have on hand. I loved doing it back then so why not continue with some fun, new toys!  Here is a quick recycling project I did for Renzy and a few ideas I can’t wait to try:


Seems like we had an abundance of oatmeal (because I was obsessed with this breakfast) and formula containers lately so I felt I need to do something to recycle them! 

diyupcycledtoys (7 of 8)I grabbed some hard, noisy food items and colorful duct tape. Tossed them into the containers and wrapped with tape to keep the lids on and make them look more like toys! 😉 diyupcycledtoys (4 of 8) diyupcycledtoys (5 of 8) diyupcycledtoys (8 of 8)Ren thought they were pretty fun! Shake, shake shake!

diyupcycledtoys (1 of 8) Or vroom, vroom, vroom if you are like Renzy and think everything is a car… even if it doesn’t have wheels.

diyupcycledtoys (2 of 8)

A pretty good entertainer for a practically FREE toy!

I can’t wait to try some of these other ideas too:

How To Make A (5 Minute) Doll > BabbleDabbleDo.Com



Fine Motor Play With Recycled Box & Lids: LemonLimeAdventures

DIY-Fine-Motor-Play-Recycled-Baby-Game Fine-Motor-Play-with-Lids-Shape-Sorter

Fine Motor Skills “Feeding The Monster” : Powerful Mothering



Cardboard Beads Threading Activity – The Imagination Tree


Masking Tape Hot Wheels Track: Mommyish



Cardboard Cars: Not Just A Housewife


Recycled toy ideas that reuse, save money, and encourage imagination and creativity! Sounds pretty good to me!

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Do you ever make toys of recycled items? 

Which one of these ideas would you try?

Thanks for stoppin’ by!



  1. This is so what I needed.So many great ideas. I remember have used a couple when I was a kid. I just realized how old I feel all of a sudden. but thanks anyway.
    I will use the tape for the little cars and the cardboard box cars too. Who am I kidding, I’ll be using more of your ideas than that.
    The kids are beautiful.

    Bless you all,

  2. Wonderful suggestions, Lauren! I’m new to the zero waste lifestyle and I’m looking for creative ideas like yours so I can recycle materials and spend more time with my children! Thanks for sharing!

    • laurenrustichoney says:

      Good for you, Myra! I’m far from a “no-waste lifestyle” but I do try to make an effort! Baby steps! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂