Ren’s First Haircut

Ren’s First Haircut

I hope you all don’t get too tired of me posting thousands of photos of my little family. And if you are tired… sorry.

Sorry, not sorry. (I actually never say that but it fits here) 🙂

I feel it’s important to document all of these little moments! Especially because this little guy of mine won’t be little for very long!

A few weeks ago, Ren received his very first haircut! I loved all of his hair but it was beginning to get into his eyes and falling over his ears, so it was time for a trim.

babyfirsthaircut (1 of 15)

Bill the barber came to the rescue! Bill has been cutting hair locally for over 30 years!

Neither Dan nor Bill could remember if Dan’s first haircut was done in his shop but Bill did give Dan’s younger brother his first haircut and has been cutting the Moran’s hair all of these years! We felt like Bill’s barber shop was the place for our little man!

Ren: “Dad, I’m a little nervous…”

babyfirsthaircut (2 of 15) babyfirsthaircut (3 of 15)

Ren did so good! He was just more curious than anything!

Why is my mom taking so many pictures… and why is this strange guy combing my hair…babyfirsthaircut (5 of 15)

Then again who cares, this is really relaxing… babyfirsthaircut (4 of 15)

Hey you, what are you doing back there? babyfirsthaircut (7 of 15)

Ren was great entertainment to all who were waiting in the barber shop.  babyfirsthaircut (8 of 15) babyfirsthaircut (9 of 15)

Mom, really, that’s enough for the scrapbook… babyfirsthaircut (10 of 15) babyfirsthaircut (11 of 15)

With a tight grip on daddy, Ren finished out his first haircut without a hitch!  babyfirsthaircut (12 of 15) babyfirsthaircut (13 of 15)

A round of applause for Renzy!

I didn’t quite capture it but he did a lot of clapping. He knew he did a good job and so did Bill!  babyfirsthaircut (14 of 15) babyfirsthaircut (15 of 15)My babe is growing up WAY TOO QUICKLY!

– Lauren