DIY Floral Headband Tutorial

DIY Floral Headband Tutorial

Floral. Floral. Floral.

You are seeing it everywhere and Rustic Honey Boutique is onto this hot trend!

Our models fashioned these DIY floral headpieces for our spring and summer photoshoots. They are an easy DIY for your own pictures and I thought I’d share the quick tutorial with you! 

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What you will need:

  • Floral Wire/Thin Wire
  • Old Scissors/Wire Cutters
  • Floral Trimmings

How to:

  1. Find your floral! I used long, pliable branches from bushes in our yard. They were beautiful right around the time of our photoshoot. You can use any flowers in season!
  2. Lay out your trimmings in a straight line, overlapping where necessary to fill in gaps and fasten.
  3. Cut the wire almost twice as long as your line of flowers.
  4. Begin wrapping the wire at one end and gently wrap the entire line of flowers with the wire. This will not only hold all of the flowers together but make the headband sturdy.
  5. Finally, bring the ends together to form the circular headband. Custom fit it to your head or your child’s head then use the remaining wire to fasten it securely into place.
  6. If a very young child will be wearing this headband, you may want to add some hot glue over the raw ends of the wire just to make sure they won’t be scratchy.

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DIYfloralheadband (9 of 9) DIYfloralheadband (7 of 9) DIYfloralheadband (5 of 9) DIYfloralheadband (1 of 1)Use in-season flowers! It will save you some money…especially if they are from your own garden!

Get creative! Whether you choose to design a thin and simple headband or a large statement piece, your floral creation is sure to add a glamorous, feminine touch to your next photo session!

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Please share your photos with me! I’d love to see what you come up with!

Thanks as always for stoppin’ by!