RH Boutique Behind-The-Scenes Photoshoot

RH Boutique Behind-The-Scenes Photoshoot

As much time as I spend on this here blog, I probably spend at least five times that amount on my online boutique!

I’ve been wanting to incorporate more about the boutique on the blog and would love to add in some styling posts week to week since fashion is a big part of my background and obviously part of my job! My hope is that you will connect and enjoy these posts just as much as my recipes, DIY’s and home tours!

I thought I’d kick it off with a behind-the-scenes look at our summer photoshoot “Not All Who Wander Are Lost.” If you haven’t seen the finished lookbook, you can view it HERE.

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Meet the models:

I’m proud to say I know all of these ladies on a personal level. They are not professional models nor are they part of any modeling agency. These ladies are real local beauties, friends and customers willing to help me out! I’ve been blessed to get to know each of them!


My very first model for Rustic Honey Boutique was Bridget back in the Fall of 2013. She agreed to help me out on my first photoshoot even though it was only a couple days after her wedding! She’s a true sweetheart! Since our first shoot, she and her husband have welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their family.

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I got to know Jessica through my best friend, Jenny. They are coworkers and both agreed to model for me on my second photoshoot in 2014. Jessica was a natural and had such a great time I asked her if she would help me out again this year! Jessica is also married and a mother to a beautiful little lady. She enjoys horse back riding, the outdoors and truly is a Rustic Honey!

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This connection is funny to me. I met Lauren through our local post office! We have developed a friendship while shipping out your online orders! Haha! She is so sweet and I thought she would be a perfect Rustic Honey model! It’s been so fun getting to know Lauren and I probably wouldn’t have had the chance had it not been for my business!

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We had so much fun during this photoshoot! I always look forward to working with Amy of Hodge Podge Photography. As you will see in our video, she is not afraid to do what it takes to get the best shot! I love her sense of humor, fun personality and most of all her unique style!

My best friend, Jenny, and my sister-in-law, Ty, were my assistants for this shoot. They help me style the models, pose the shots, grab props… you name it! My sister-in-law Ty was almost eight months pregnant at the time and was a trooper! She has a great eye for posing which is a HUGE help for me! Jenny is my right-hand-man! She knows what I’m thinking at all times and is there with a helping hand before I can even ask! It’s like we’ve been together since kindergarten or something! 😉

I’m so fortunate to have such a great group of girls willing to help me out! Check out this behind-the-scenes video I put together:

 Rustic Honey Behind The Scenes Photoshoot Video 2015

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I hope you enjoyed this inside look at the photoshoot!

Have a great weekend! And remember to take a look at shoprustichoney.com!