Ren’s Room Reveal

Ren’s Room Reveal

It’s time for the BIG reveal! Ren’s room was originally our bedroom, then became bedroom/storage room during our house renovations last summer.

I’m happy to say it is finally in order! With all the craziness I didn’t bother painting his room even though I was tempted! I like that it’s neutral and this room can grow with him.

Side note: I HATE PAINTING! I always love the idea of it and picking out the colors but once I start a room it’s torture to finish it… especially without messing something up! I try to avoid it at all costs! 😉 

If you didn’t get a chance to see some of my nursery room inspiration photos, you can see those HERE!

AND here is the finished product (if any room is ever truly “finished”)

BoyVintageNurseryRoom (1 of 22)

The room is full of rustic charm, antiques and some family heirlooms.

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We reconstructed the crib that my husband and his brothers once slept in.

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The quilt on the end was handmade and hand-quilted by Ren’s grandmother, Cindy. Several other blankets in his room are also handmade by family and friends.

The feed sack came from my family’s farm. I’m not sure exactly how old it is but it was kept in great shape thanks to my dad. I inherited some hoarding tendencies from him! Thanks dad! 🙂

I just love the bright yellow pop of color!

BoyVintageNurseryRoom (9 of 22) BoyVintageNurseryRoom (10 of 22)

I found lots of little figurines while antiquing and many even before I knew what I was having! I couldn’t pass up the hound puppies because Dan loves his hunting dogs and I know Ren will too.

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My favorite part of the entire room is an enlarged photograph of my late Grandpa Eye. I believe this photo was taken for a local newspaper during a tough year on the farm. As you can see he is much taller than the corn in the field. This pictures speaks a thousand words to me and I want to hang it in every room!

I thought it would make a great focal point on this wall and go with the other farmtiques in this room. Plus I just love old family photos – black and white has my heart!

BoyVintageNurseryRoomPic (1 of 1) BoyVintageNurseryRoom (5 of 22)

I could probably go on for days about where this and that originated, sorry if I ramble!

The rocking horse was handmade by Ren’s great, great uncle and Dan and I bought it on his family auction the week before Ren was born. I just love it!

The rocking chair was Dan’s.

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As you can see, I let my inspiration guide me but not overwhelm my own design! I love the way it turned out because it’s rich in history and fits our home and style.

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It’s hard to find time to photograph a room in this house (obviously not top priority), especially when these puppy dog eyes come calling!

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Oh my! Tears and all!

Time to go!

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Next week I’ll share a quick tutorial on how I made this basket changing pad.

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