A Tiny Tea Party Photoshoot

A Tiny Tea Party Photoshoot

I’ve been editing these photos for what feels like decades.

The more mobile Ren becomes the faster my days seem to fly!

One second I’m focused on my computer screen, the next I catch my son rolling across the floor in his walker with a house plant uprooted in his hands! Laundry is beeping, husband is calling… crap, I’m late for my workout class!

It’s finally quiet… then I panic, shifting my attention to Ren once again. What could he be up to now?!

These days I pray for FOCUS and PATIENCE!

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I ordered lots of new Tiny Honey dresses for the RH Boutique and decided to have my nieces do some modeling for me!

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They were delighted to dress up and play tea party!

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Chug some tea, though imaginary, with pinkies out…

ChildrensBoutique (45 of 122)

And “wash up” the dishes!

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However, I will have to say it was hard to catch a two-year-old’s attention for photos all-the-while playing tea party.

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Round1outfits (28 of 32)



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Round1outfits (23 of 32) ChildrensBoutique (70 of 122) ChildrensBoutique (24 of 122)

So many distractions! Haha!

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Keep your tongue in your mouth! 🙂
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Oh, but these smiles are just contagious!

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Needless to say, not all of these photos made the final cut but I’m proud to share them with you and save them in my “proud-aunt photo bank.”

If you want to take a look at all the new Tiny Honey items, follow this link: HERE!

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  1. The dresses are cute but those girls are ADORABLE! Thank you for sharing the photos.

  2. It certainly doesn’t look like you had any problems getting your models to cooperate–looks like they are having lots of fun!! Ren will be crashing the photo shoots soon, I’m sure!! Hello to all the family–

    • laurenrustichoney says:

      Hi Janie! Thanks for stopping in! I’m sure you are right, Ren will be jumping in soon! 🙂