Kitchen Remodel: The Final Reveal!

Kitchen Remodel: The Final Reveal!

Alright, here goes! The FINAL reveal of my new farmhouse kitchen!

I’m IN LOVE with how it turned out! It’s just the look I was going for, it matches the old part of our kitchen very well and above all, it feels like home!

However, I wasn’t so “IN LOVE” with the process…


Tearing down walls…very old, almost “sacred” walls.

But we’ve added new life to these walls to hopefully last a lifetime! The beam here holds the weight of the second floor and beyond it is the new addition. You can see the original cabinets and shelving stayed put during the reno.


Progress was so encouraging! I would just stand in my unfinished house for what seemed like hours, planning, admiring and imagining it all in it’s final beauty.

Lucky for you, I have photos so you don’t have to play the imagination game!


Here she is!

Farmhousekitchen (5 of 37) Farmhousekitchen (2 of 37) Farmhousekitchen (3 of 37) Farmhousekitchen (6 of 37)

I chose large drawers for the lower cabinets to tie into the existing kitchen. I also chose to do some glass cabinets up top because I wanted to have full storage but didn’t want to weigh down the new end of the kitchen since the rest of the kitchen has open shelving. I think it balances very well!

Farmhousekitchen (8 of 37)

Farmhousekitchen (14 of 37) Farmhousekitchen (13 of 37) Farmhousekitchen (11 of 37) Farmhousekitchen (9 of 37) Farmhousekitchen (17 of 37) Farmhousekitchen (12 of 37)

Farmhousekitchen (22 of 37) Farmhousekitchen (23 of 37) Farmhousekitchen (21 of 37) Farmhousekitchen (19 of 37)

Our original workbench (from my dad’s barn) still stands as an island on casters.
Farmhousekitchen (27 of 37)

We added subway tile and had our original butcher block countertops matched!

Farmhousekitchen (32 of 37)

Modern pullouts for the trash and spices make life in the kitchen so efficient! Farmhousekitchen (26 of 37) Farmhousekitchen (24 of 37)

Beautiful, hand-crafted countertops and original cabinet pulls.

Farmhousekitchen (33 of 37)

Statement lighting above the island! I shopped around forever but couldn’t let this one go! Edison bulbs have my heart!

Farmhousekitchen (36 of 37)

I love the mixed materials, the new and old, the white and the black…contrast is beautiful!

Farmhousekitchen (37 of 37)Huge shout-out to Nathan Hyke of Wood Customs Cabinets & Furniture for making all of my design dreams a reality! Simply outstanding work, Nathan!

Nathan worked some miracles in this kitchen! Somehow he was able to match our existing butcher block countertops to blend seamlessly into the new addition. He of course did an amazing job on all of our cabinetry but my favorite piece has to be the antique-inspired hutch. I decided to have Nathan build a hutch for me instead of trying to find one to fit the space. It looks old and rustic (obviously my favorite look on earth) but the interior is brand new with modern pull-out storage! AMAZING!

I have only good things to say about EVERY SINGLE PERSON that helped make this renovation possible! Even our friends and family! 😉


Cabinets: Nathan Hyke of Wood Customs Cabinets & Furniture

Backsplash Tile Work: Jeremy Booker of Precision Tile

Painting (saved my sanity!): Fred Kalberloh

Plumbing: Rusty Lane of Lane Plumbing 

Electrical: Jack Cannon of Cannon Electrical 

Dry Wall: C M Drywall 

Construction & Framing: Billy Raymond’s Crew

All the moving parts in between: My family! Especially my husband, Dan, and father-in-law Darrel! You two are the best!

Thank you all so much for putting all the pieces of our dream together! We’re already making so many memories in our new kitchen!

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  1. Lovely lovely! Love the hutch, your countertop is beautiful, and I’m a sucker for Edison bulbs too. The lighting is great! I’m wondering if Edison bulbs would be bright enough in our bathroom in two sconces either side of a big mirror. What do you think? Are three of them bright enough over the island? Love that fixture!

    • laurenrustichoney says:

      Thank you so much! I don’t think the Edison bulbs would be bright enough for a bathroom, especially if its a main bath or if you’ll be doing your makeup in the space. They are pretty dim and our main source of lighting in our kitchen comes from can lights. If you accompany the Edisons with other substantial light you could probably make it work though! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Mary Lou says:

    Lauren, your kitchen is beautiful. Love the way you combined the old and the new–in very clever ways. Also love the look of your exterior. Can I ask who put on your metal roof? I want to reroof our house with one.

    • laurenrustichoney says:

      Thanks Mary Lou! 🙂 We are pretty much neighbors with an Amish family that does metal roofing so we had them do it for us. Their shop is in the area behind Davis Bros. Antique Mall along 13 hwy here in Lowry City. Not sure how far they will travel to install but I know they sell kits for building, roofing, etc. all over.

  3. Charlotte Koch says:

    Love the kitchen!! Once I get to have the kitchen of my dreams I plan to lean towards an older farmhouse kitchen with black, white, and red. I’ve already started collecting old kitchen utensils for decor. I also want the old style cook stove and refrigerator. I can’t wait to show my husband the pics of your kitchen. I was just showing him examples of things I liked last night 🙂 this is beautiful work and I LOVE that you are an old soul!

    • laurenrustichoney says:

      Thanks Charlotte! Your dream kitchen sounds awesome! I would love to have the old appliances too! I still have the original stove that came with the house but it wasn’t in the best shape for everyday use. I hope to fix it up and have a place for it in the future, just couldn’t part with it! Glad you found some inspiration here! I think it’s always a good idea to collect antiques and decor along the way so they are ready when you have your space done 😉