To The Mom Doing It All Wrong

To The Mom Doing It All Wrong

My first Mother’s Day couldn’t have been any better!

This little person we welcomed into the world will call me “Mom.” What an honor and a blessing to bear that name! Motherhood makes me proud, motivates me to be a better person and completely scares me all at the same time! Luckily, I have the greatest mom in the world and some amazing women in my life as role models.

As a mom I often find myself thinking I’m doing it all wrong. I’m not reading enough books to him, my house is so cluttered, I’m working too much and not playing enough… the list is never-ending. However, I know it’s all in my head and I’m not the only mom feeling like she’s doing it all wrong. I’m sure my mom even felt that way a time or two…

Through the times of “doing it all wrong” you got it so right.

Mom: You taught me to work hard and keep family first. Growing up, I watched you work hard and help others, sometimes committing your weekends to the job. You would pack up toys, barbies and coloring books for Morgan and I so we could be well entertained at your office or in the fields with dad. I’m sure at times you felt guilty but just know those weekends were some of my favorite memories! We loved it and several years later we discovered the lessons of your work ethic and example. I admire your ability to balance it all like a wonder woman! I hope I too can exemplify those traits for my children.

Mother-in-law: You raised three amazing gentlemen and I admire you for that! I remember you telling me once how hard it was to take the boys to church with you when they were younger and sometimes afterwards you just wanted to cry. Would it have been easier to just stay home? Of course, but you kept going and you instilled so many  values in your children because of your commitment. Values of faith, obligation,  and discipline just to name a few. I admire it all and my husband is the man he is today because of you. Thank you!


To the moms that think they work too much

To the moms struggling to balance it all

To the moms that are late for church

To the moms with fish sticks on the table for dinner tonight

To the moms with sticky floors

You are doing it all wrong… and therefore you’re doin’ all right! Your love and time with your children is all that will matter in the end. The reason we question our abilities just shows how much we care!

God bless moms!