House Update: The Truth Is…

House Update: The Truth Is…

Truth is it’s Monday again! My resolution to blog twice a week is already failing me! Yikes!

Through the craziness of the holidays and new year, I still didn’t take the time to share anymore house photos with you! We lived in my parents’ basement for about 3 months when house renovations became too intense to live under our roof, or lack there of.

I hadn’t really mentioned our move before, for security reasons, but thought I’d mention it now so you could further understand that “coming home for Christmas” was an extremely exciting time! We could finally settle in again under our own roof!

I fell behind on my documentation of the house as well… it’s like I had other priorities or something! Haha!


TRUTH: The folders of photos I had been keeping were neatly titled “House: weeks 1-2”, “House: weeks 3-4”, etc, and then after baby a new folder emerged entitled “House: what week is it?!”

Here are some of the last photos I had taken around the farmhouse:

I hope you weren’t waiting on my “HGTV reveal”… this reno takes a bit longer than 30 minutes!

IMG_3179 IMG_3183

IMG_3492 IMG_8428 IMG_8435 IMG_8659 IMG_8444 IMG_8478 IMG_8754

(I don’t know why Dan is giving the camera such creepy glances in these photos, haha!) IMG_8755 IMG_8756 IMG_8853 IMG_8813

The truth is, I still have boxes sitting everywhere.

The truth is, there are STILL stickers on all the windows. And the truth is at this rate they will still be there come spring!

The truth is, the upstairs of my house is off-limits to guests because it is embarrassingly cluttered and the steps have dust bunnies that have been inhabiting that space since mid-summer!

The truth is, we are missing some doors in our master suite… but let’s be real… at this point in my life with a young family privacy will begin to diminish anyway 😉

The truth is, though this house is still dirty, unorganized, messy, unfinished, and undecorated we are loving every inch of our “new” home.

AND THE GREATEST TRUTH OF ALL is that we have AMAZING family and friends that helped with our home!!! Some cooked for us, put a roof over our head, helped with construction, gave us moral support and encouraged us throughout the entire process! Thank you and love you all!

I do hope to reveal each room on the blog and show you all of the hard work. Thanks for sticking around to see the bits and pieces along the way!



  1. Oh what a project! I LOVE your barn doors. Are they to a closet? Did someone build them just for that space? I want them. 🙂
    And your baby on the porch at the Lumber store? Too cute.

    • laurenrustichoney says:

      Thank you! The barn doors hide our “laundry closet” in the new mudroom. We had our cabinet-maker, Nathan Hyke (Wood Customs) build them for us. He did a great job, especially since all he had to go off of was a drawing of mine! Haha!
      And the baby is actually on our back porch in that photo… although it did look like the lumber yard at times! Haha! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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