Waiting To Meet You

Waiting To Meet You


Seems like all we do these days is wait.

Wait on contractors.

Wait on a house.

Wait on a baby.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

I’m feeling as if time is moving so quickly yet I’m stuck… like a hamster on a wheel… just waiting for everything to change. Because any day now, EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE.

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I sit here writing and I hear a small cricket outside my workroom door. It’s so quiet right now. Just me and the cricket. Soon my days will NO LONGER BE SO QUIET.

photo 3-2

I’m nervous, anxious and to be honest a little scared. Soon the world around me will NEVER BE THE SAME.

Every time change comes to knock on my door I get a little shaken, scared and sad. However, I always know to let change come into my life. Obviously this change will be one of the easiest to embrace…

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With little fingers and little toes, you’ll lead us into OUR NEW WORLD.

You’ll remind us of what is important (and that you don’t care if your house is still in pieces when you arrive.)

You’ll have us and we’ll have you.

And you will change our lives forever.

Until then, we’ll be here…

just waiting.

waiting1 waiting2 waiting3

Waiting to meet you…




  1. I know a special Grandma that is waiting too!!

  2. Aww. sweet post! You are going to have a special Christmas this year for sure!