House Update & Babymoon Getaway

House Update & Babymoon Getaway

It’s Friday! Did this week fly by for you too?!

My list just doesn’t seem to finish itself by week’s end these days!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a fun new project, big reveals, or any new recipes to share today. But I wanted to drop in and update you on what we’ve been up to… oh, and the house…

You’ll remember weeks ago I posted a photo of our house that looked a little something like this… well… it still looks exactly like this! 🙁


Updates (since this photo):

  • Dead grass: Due to large ruts and no rain for weeks now.
  • Dirt: Lots of it… everywhere…
  • Vegetables: They cover the porch and beg me to can them on a daily basis!

We have a complete foundation and basement (seen in this post), just waiting on our builders to frame in the structure. The builders got behind on another project so they are about two weeks late. Every day we wait, I get a little more anxious and our baby continues to grow and kick, almost as if its telling me “get ready mom, I’m coming soon!”

I try to reason with our baby, encouraging him/her to wait at least until the due date to make an appearance. I may be the only pregnant woman to ever reach 40 weeks and say “can I have about 5 more weeks, please.” I’m 30 weeks now, making this feel more like the “home-stretch.” And a stretch it is! I never thought I would ever see the inside of my belly button! HA! 🙂

photoPlease ignore our messy room with packing boxes and tubs (sometimes used as end tables) and plastic dinner wear (much better than boiling water to wash dishes right now).

With everything going on at our house nothing going on at our house, we had decided to take a quick weekend getaway to escape! With no plans or reservations, which is very unlike me, we set out on an official “babymoon” weekend.

We left Friday evening and made our first stop at Lowe’s in Springfield. Aren’t we romantic?!

The nearest Lowe’s is about an hour south of where we live so we have to take advantage of the shopping when we can. It was nice to walk around, without a schedule, and get some more plans and ideas for the house finishings.

After shopping, we made our way to the Springfield Brew Co. (see my copycat chicken recipe here). The Brew Co. is my favorite place to go in Springfield… even though the brews are a bit off limits for me now. They have amazing food too!


To end the night, we lucked out and reserved the very last room at the first hotel we stopped at in Branson! Exhausted, we retired for the night by 11pm. We spent the next day, shopping, exploring, garage sale shopping (which seems to be going on every time we are there – I know, we are weird), eating and maybe a bit of napping. 🙂

Saturday evening we bought tickets for the Branson Belle Showboat . It was the perfect ending to our day! The weather was perfect, cool and breezy by our 8pm departure.

photo 3-1All aboard!

photo 4-1Love this guy!

photo 2

We watched the sun set from the deck, enjoyed dinner and a show, and admired distant fireworks from the top deck that night!

I winked at Dan and told him how thoughtful it was to order in those fireworks just for me! 😉

It was a perfectly romantic and relaxing evening we… well I had especially, had been needing.

photo 3

Someone was smart and sat the pink lemonade right in front of me!

photo 1Dinner for three! 🙂

If you are planning on visiting Branson anytime soon, I would definitely recommend the following places we visited this past trip:

The Branson Landing: Shopping & good food

The Fudge Shop: In old downtown Branson, you can see where they make the candy!

The Branson Belle Showboat: Perfect dinner date for two or the whole family

We had such a great weekend! I will always remember our babymoon weekend escape and I’m so glad we made time for it before baby arrives later this summer!

Do you have any getaways, big or small, planned this summer?