From The Garden: Bountiful Blessings

From The Garden: Bountiful Blessings

I talk about it all the time but I can’t help but think how much this “homestead” has been a blessing to us. We didn’t buy this land for the house, yard or garden but those things have surprisingly become the things that make this our home.

It’s almost as if this place found us.

I love coming across old possessions around here. It always makes us stop and ponder how long it has been here, where it came from and if it was once cherished by the previous owners. We have a small sign in our garden that was left with the house. I wonder how many years it has been here… how many times it was read… how many harvests it has seen…

It is a good reminder that a garden is a great blessing. When I complain about how many peppers I still have to clean and chop or how many green beans are endlessly piling up to be snapped, it’s a good reminder of  God’s bountiful blessings. How could I ever complain!? What a gift!


The kiss of the sun for pardon,


The song of the birds for mirth,


One is nearer God’s heart in a garden,


Than anywhere else on earth.


Dan remembers helping Lesta, the woman who lived here years ago, in her garden… this same garden 20+ years ago. And every morning he would meet her at the back door and she would greet him by saying, “Goodmorning Daniel, it’s a glorious day!” Those words have stuck with him all these years and I always remember those words when I look out across our garden.

It is definitely GLORIOUS!


It has been a beautiful growing season. Has your garden been bountiful so far this year?

– Lauren


  1. Becky Blevins says:

    Just dropping in to let you know, I truly enjoy reading what you write. Counting my blessings…………God is good!

  2. I have that same garden sign.
    There is something so very wonderful about rootedness. What a lovely story about your husband and Lesta. Glorious bounty indeed!

  3. Beautiful garden photos…and love your garden sign… very nice post.