On The Farm: We’re Growing

On The Farm: We’re Growing

There has been so much going on the last few weeks! My most recent photos tell the story…

Our chores are growing…

As we prepare to add on to our house, we have had to transplant many of our flowers (that have been here for decades) in order to keep them. It took us over four hours to move just the flowers from the east side of our house! It was a lot of work but I sure hope we saved them!


It is also that time of year to work cows. Just another chore we can finally cross off the list! All went well and I only got wacked with a poopy cow tail once! Never see it coming! Haha!


Our fields will be growing…

I go with Dan as much as possible on the weekends to do chores around the farm. This past weekend, after we worked cows, I went with Dan to plant a food plot.


I’m always up for a tractor ride! Did I mention our tractor has the best cupholders…


We packed a lunch and had a picnic on the tractor bucket too! So fun!

Okay, maybe I had more of a picnic than Dan did…

He needs someone to supervise his work!


The garden is growing…

We have had several storms roll in the last few weeks which has been great for our garden!


Feels like I just took this photo but already our garden has doubled in size!

photo 3

Our family is growing…

Our new nephew was born a couple weeks ago. His name is Lukas (Luke) Matthew. Big brother Logan and big sister Kylie are very proud! I could cuddle with him all day!


And I’m growing…

Will be 24 weeks tomorrow! Can’t believe how fast it’s going! This babe is all about moving now and I am starting to see the movements as well as feel them! What a wiggle worm we have!


Happy Wednesday!

– Lauren

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