Farmhouse Laundry Room Reveal

Farmhouse Laundry Room Reveal

This reveal has been in the works since we moved back to the farmhouse last fall. We actually painted this room before we had to move our appliances to this home full-time (which made everything much easier!) After we finished I wasn’t completely sure about my choices and hesitated to share it with you.

I wanted our laundry room to be fun, exciting and more modern-rustic than the simple decor throughout the rest of our home. Our laundry room is never closed off to company so it was important to me to give it equal love.

I decided this reveal was overdue now that we are beginning to plan an addition to our farmhouse, which will force us to bid farewell to this room. The choices I made in this room have grown on me and it makes me sad to see it go. However, I remind myself I will be so much happier when I can bend over to fold the laundry from the dryer without hitting my butt on the back wall! Tight spaces!!!

And just for the record, my butt could do that even before I was pregnant! Ha!

Anyway, here is the before-and-after, the step-by-step, and the play-by-play…

We started with a bright green room. My sister happened to be home one weekend and helped me paint it white. (She was a little discouraged from helping me again when she found our her hard work (3 coats of white) was going to be ripped down for the home addition! Sorry Morgan!)


Ignore the random pencil marks… I think I drew some stencil designs to practice!


Then it was time for the lines! I started by measuring from the side walls and placed three vertical lines from ceiling to floor. Here is a photo of the process.

Ignore my mismatched painter’s duds as well…

I connected the vertical lines with angled tape, switching directions at every end point (vertical line) to create a messy, zig-zag, chevron, tree effect. Maybe you’ll have a name for it…

The best part about this pattern is your angles are better off random and irregular. If you chose to do a true chevron pattern, your measuring time would be increased greatly because you would have to create a grid first.


The more irregular, the better!

Looks scary with blue painter’s tape! It didn’t take very long and was much easier than using a stencil!


I pressed the tape very firmly to ensure there would be minimal bleeding. There was still some but it was very easy to touch up with a sponge brush.


Paint with the tape when using the brush to trim in your area. If you go against the tape, more bleeding can occur. Roll the remainder of the area.


Ready for paint roller…


Let it dry…


Peel and REVEAL!!!


Now to paint those pesky windows! Note: When painting the windows, don’t tape the glass. Instead, use a razor blade after paint has dried. The paint peels right off of the windows!


Fill the room (which didn’t take much!)


Remember my DIY Dryer Top Ironing Pad? See that tutorial here.

HUGE space-saver!


Vertical storage is key in a small space like this so Dan built the barn wood shelves for me (even though he claims he can’t build anything!). I’m turning him into a carpenter and he doesn’t even know it yet!


I completed the shelves with space for baskets, pretty mason jars, and an old scale to house my dryer sheets.


And if your husband is anything like mine, you’ll need a mason jar for loose change. I call it MY tip jar!


On the other side, I have my homemade laundry soap. Which is much prettier to display than a bulky Tide container!


I fit a metal rack from Target perfectly between the washer and dryer for extra storage. On top I keep some laundry soap handy. I found this wooden spoon while thrifting and it works great for the soap.


If you missed the tutorial on homemade laundry detergent, you can find it here. It saves us a lot of money and I’ve been very happy with it!


Well, there you have it! The before and after… which is ultimately going to have another “after” once the farmhouse renovations take place. Hopefully, in the meantime this will inspire someone to add some spunk to their laundry room!


Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend!

God bless our troops and their families! Thank you!




  1. How cute and so creative! I might just have to borrow your “messy, zig zag, chevron, tree effect” in my son’s room. :o)

    • laurenrustichoney says:

      Thanks! It would be a great accent wall in a bedroom! 🙂 Share pics if you do!

  2. Love your new laundry room! Love the color and graphics!!!! So pretty!!

    • laurenrustichoney says:

      Thank you! Will be sad to see it go but hopefully the new room will be even better 🙂