DIY Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches

DIY Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches

I remember my mom making these when I was in high school. Genius, that mother of mine!

She would make homemade miniature sausage sandwiches (way better than you find at the grocery store) and freeze them individually for our easy breakfast on-the-go. We’d wrap ’em in a paper towel, microwave, and enjoy!

Fast. Snappy. Scrumptious.

If you have 60 seconds, you have time for breakfast! 

I made these recently, mainly for Dan because he’s up early and out the door in minutes, but I also wanted a hearty breakfast for myself without having to cook. A little thoughtful, a little selfish… I’m balanced.

Anyway, here is what I do.

You’ll need:

  • Biscuit Dough (I made regular sized sandwiches but mini biscuits are also a great idea for kids)
  • Sausage
  • Sandwich Bags
  • Large Freezer Bag

How To: First, bake the biscuits according to the packaging. I have only made these with canned biscuits thus far. I like to make homemade but this cuts down on the process!

In the meantime, I form the same number of patties from the sausage and fry them in a large skillet until cooked through.

When the biscuits come out, allow everything to cool slightly. Then build the sandwiches. Tear open the biscuit and pop a patty on top.


“This is so hard… no wonder we bought these instead” – SAID NO ONE EVER!

Sorry, I’ll never reference a someecard again, I just had to there!

Freezing: Place each sandwich into individual sandwich bags (or wrap with cling-wrap). Then place all wrapped sandwiches into the large freezer bag. Place in a convenient spot in your freezer. We place ours in the door for easy access.

freezersandwiches freezerbreakfast

You could freeze up to 2-3 weeks, but don’t worry, they’ll be gone before then! You won’t be able to resist! 

To Prepare: take the sandwich out of the sandwich bag and wrap a paper towel around the entire sandwich. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Wrapping in the paper towel creates a steam pocket and keeps the biscuit soft and fresh. Without the paper towel, the biscuit may dry out and become hard! Trust me, I’ve had years of experience here! Haha!

Microwave with paper towel about 1-1:30 minutes. I always start with a minute and then check to make sure it’s heated through. Top with cheese, eggs, and/or mayo and mustard if you have a minute to spare.

If you have 60 seconds, you have time for breakfast! 

Five minutes could score you an amazing breakfast…


I like to add eggs and cheese! YUM!

Thanks for the ideas mom! LOVE YOU and Happy Mother’s Day!

– Lauren



  1. *gasp!!* I used to LOVE those little frozen sandwiches back when I didn’t care about processed food. Now I feel like I could make these with “real” ingredients and still get to eat ’em! YUMMM!

    • laurenrustichoney says:

      I know I love the mini ones too! Hope your family enjoys! Ours go very fast so make extras! 🙂

  2. I love these and this makes so much sense!!!!