Lessons of the Season

Lessons of the Season

I really enjoyed the rainy weather earlier this week, although I know most farmers would love to get back into the fields to finish the harvest season. Sometimes during hot, Missouri summers it seems like the rain will never come again and when it does, I just want to watch it, smell it and take in its beauty!

I like the feeling the rain instills in me – I feel refreshed, calm & still. I feel present.

Fall has always been my favorite season. However, Dan and I had a good conversation on Sunday about our love for the “turn” or the “changing” of the seasons. In Missouri, we experience it all – the rain, sleet, snow, wind, ice, heat, humidity… and humidity! Some would say that’s a curse but we would strongly disagree! The change of the seasons is so fascinating if you stop what you’re doing and take a look around you!

This past weekend, the rains parted and we took a walk down my favorite road! I took some photos but they just won’t do the beauty justice.


The rain nourished the trees this fall and they are turning beautiful colors as they prepare for winter. It is amazing how many different shades the leaves can turn and how each tree will lose all of those leaves and then several months later, grow, and become vibrantly green again – year after year!

IMG_5560 IMG_5572



And our farmers work endless hours (and wait patiently for the rain to pass) to harvest the crops and prepare for the next season. Just when the November fields begin to look barren, once again new sprouts appear and the green prevails.



The changing of the seasons can teach us so much. To every end there are new beginnings. The end is beautiful, the beginning is hopeful and the change is always breathtaking!

IMG_5601 Embrace the seasons and the change.