Easter Keg Hunt 2013

Easter Keg Hunt 2013

I am a member of a local community betterment club and this past weekend we hosted a fun event for our members. This year marked the first annual Easter Keg Hunt!

We are always looking for unique fundraising ideas for our age group and thought we should give this idea a trial run with members before opening up the registration for next year!

I worked to create the hunt with some help from funny-man. I learned that my husband is quite the riddler throughout this process as we attempted for all the clues to rhyme!

There were six teams of four people entered in the race. Each team was given a map with a radius on it, a scavenger hunt clue list, and an easter egg with their first clue to finding the keg.

The teams were to read the clue inside the egg and find their next clue hidden somewhere within the radius of the map. The radius covered approximately 2-3 miles from the center of town!

There were five “egg pit-stops” along the course where the teams had to find a hidden easter bucket full of easter eggs holding their next clue.

The Easter buckets we hid with the clues inside.

The Easter buckets we hid with the clues inside.

Here are some examples of the clues hidden along the course:

  • Go forth, go straight north, go fast, you do not want to be last! Hit the gravel, to the “T” you must travel.
  • This is not a game of trick or treat but you may have to visit every house on the street! #315.
Clues were tucked inside each egg.

Clues were tucked inside each egg.

The final clue gave each team a “Road Block Challenge.” This year our challenge was…

  • Find a cashier and perform the Macarena for him/her and ask for your final clue. (The funny part is the team’s have no idea which “cashier” within the radius they are to dance for and only one cashier is in on the whole thing! I had such a great time hearing about how they danced in front of the wrong cashiers and they had no idea what they were talking about when they asked them for the final clue! I’m sure there were some confused workers in town that day!)

Once they received the final easter egg, they opened it and read the final clue as to the whereabouts of the Easter Keg!

When teams found the keg, they were to send a picture to my cell phone to show where they found it. That way each team had a chance to complete the race and no one knew until the end what place they received.

We used a points system to score the race. At the beginning of the race teams received a scavenger hunt clue list that was Easter themed. They received extra points at the finish line if they collected items from that list. Also, if they were able to collect five easter eggs in the same color from all pit-stops they received more points. Overall, the scoring was based on how quickly they found the keg, scavenger hunt items and colored eggs collected in the race.

The "Outta Towners" won the Easter Keg Hunt 2013!

The “Outta Towners” team won the Easter Keg Hunt 2013!

The winners this year received a case of beer (the hidden keg was empty). And the team that came in last had to collect the keg and bring it to the finish line. We all gathered for a bonfire to end the fun-filled evening!

hunt2 hunt1

The Keg-Hunt-ERZ: Winners of the team costume contest! They had an advantage in the race because they won the costume contest!

Winners of the team costume contest! They had an advantage in the race because they won the costume contest!

Fire is a Blazin'!!!

Fire is a Blazin’!!!

Everyone had such a great time and it was a very good learning experience! I think if we do this again next year with more teams we will need a larger area and more challenges throughout the course.

I am happy the planning is finally over and everyone enjoyed the hunt!

-Rustic Honey


  1. OMG that looks like a blast!! I love bonfires and scavenger hunts and, well, kegs, obviously. (Goes without saying). What a great event!

  2. This looks like so much fun!!